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Interpreter or Translator

Interpreters and translators are bi- or multi-lingual professionals who translate written material, as well as conversations, speeches and interviews, from one language to another. Some interpretation and translation services specialize in sign language translation. Interpreter and translator services are commonly used at international institutions, legal proceedings, medical centers and various community organizations.

General Liability Insurance for Interpreters or Translators Interpreters and translators will typically travel to meet their clients and should have low premises liability risks as a result. Interpreters and translators who have an office space should maintain good housekeeping in order to reduce trip and fall hazards. Floor coverings should be free of defects. Outside walkways should also be in good condition and free of debris in order to reduce customer injury.

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) Insurance for Interpreters or Translators Interpreters and translators may be at risk of being sued if they make a translation error that causes harm in any way to their clients. They should be well trained and fluent in the languages they are interpreting or translating in order to reduce the possibility of misinterpretation.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Interpreters or Translators Interpreters or translators may be injured during travel to meet their clients. Frequent use of computers could also lead to repetitive motion injuries to the arms, shoulders, neck, or back. Eyestrain may be another concern while using computers and periodic breaks should be taken as a result.

Business Auto Insurance for Interpreters or Translators Interpreters and translators often travel to meet their clients, therefore increasing business auto risks. If the business owns vehicles, risks can be reduced if the vehicles are late model sedans that are inspected and serviced regularly by an outside contractor. Employees who drive their own vehicles should be required to carry sufficient Personal Auto Liability insurance. MVRs should be verified for all drivers and checked every year.

Property Insurance for Interpreters or Translators – Combustible contents for interpreters and translators include paper files, books, and furniture. Trash should be removed on a daily basis to reduce the fire load. Off premises copies should be maintained for all customer files and other important documents.

Crime Insurance for Interpreters or TranslatorsInterpreters or translators will likely be paid for their services by check. All checks should be immediately stamped “for deposit only”. Embezzlement of funds can be reduced by requiring a countersignature on all issued checks and separation of employees’ duties for reconciling bank statements and withdrawing or depositing funds.



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