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Nail Salon

Approximately 37 percent of all manicurists and pedicurists are self-employed, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Many of those own and run their own independent nail salons.

It’s important to understand the insurance coverages that are necessary to protect against the risks specific to nail salons. Nail salon coverage needs can vary; factors that determine coverage needs are the nail salon’s size, location and offered services. Each of the policies we offer can be customized to meet the unique risks Nail Salon Insuranceof individual nail salons.

The best way to begin determining coverage needs is for nail salon owners to work with an insurance agent who specializes in small business insurance to complete an application outlining property values to be insured as well as liability exposures to be covered. Then, think about what the potential consequences could be if a customer were to sue the salon, the owner and/or a technician for bodily injury or property damage.

General Liability insurance can protect nail salons, their owners and technicians from claims that arise on the premises, such as a fall, or incidents that take place later if proven the cause was a result of something that took place in the salon. Examples of off-site claims are clients who contract serious infections or suffer adverse reactions to long-term use of salon products.

Even when salon owners are wrongly sued there are attorney and court costs involved in defending against the allegations. General Liability insurance covers settlements awarded to the salon customer, but also pays for legal fees – a benefit many business owners overlook.

Below are types of insurance most nail salons should consider.

General Liability Insurance for Nail Salons – There is a moderate chance that customeNail Salon Insurancers could become injured on the salon’s premises due to slips and falls; customers could also become victims of infections or chemical injuries due to improper nail care services. As a result, nail salons should sanitize their equipment between each client.

Workers’ Compensation for Nail Salons – A variety of dangerous or unpleasant medical conditions could arise for workers in nail salons due to their frequent contact with chemicals and the skin of others, which could include open wounds. Possible conditions include diseases transmitted through blood and musculoskeletal and cumulative trauma disorders. Nail salon technicians could be cut when using tools such as nail clippers, files, and/or electrical files. Nail salons should be well ventilated to prevent breathing and lung related problems.

Business Auto Insurance for Nail Salons – If nail salon employees use vehicles for business purposes, there is a risk of automobile accidents, automobile theft and vandalism.

Property Insurance for Nail Salons – Fires may occur in nail salons if wiring and electrical equipment is not installed or maintained properly. The chemical products used in nail salons will increase the risk of fire. Excess chemical supplies should be stored away from the main operation. If a nail salon’s property is damaged to the point where business cannot be conducted, it will lose money due to business interruption. This is especially true if the nail salon must relocate to a different area.

Crime Insurance for Nail Salons – There is a low risk that employees of nail salons could steal from their employers. There are also possibilities of fraud, vandalism, robbery and burglary at nail salons. Nail salons may have a large amount of cash on hand. They should secure the money and make frequent bank deposits.

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