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Pet Grooming

Whether your business is a one-person mobile operation or you manage grooming technicians in a larger business , the experts at Sadler can help you determine which insurance policies you need to provide complete protection to the business you work so hard to build and sustain.

General Liability Insurance for Pet Grooming Services – When working with animals, anything can happen. A dog can bitea workers or customer, an animal can escape and run out into traffic (possibly causing an accident), and animal in your care can suffer an allergic reaction to a product you used, - you get the picture. Then there are the day-to-day risks of falls, spread of kennel diseases, cuts from Pet groomer insurancegrooming equipment, etc.  An injury or even death to a pet, an employee or a customer could cost you many thousands of dollars in damages. Medical or veterinary bills, rehabilitation bills, lost wages and legal fees are only some of the costs you could incur if a claim is filed against you and/or your pet grooming business.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Pet Grooming Services – Employees of pet grooming businesses could become injured or sick due to work-related duties. Possible scenarios include injuries due to falls or heavy lifting, coming into contact with hazardous substances and being bitten by animals. Animals could have fleas or carry diseases that could potentially affect employees of pet grooming services.

Business Auto Insurance for Pet Grooming Services – Many pet grooming services are mobile, which Pet grooming insurancemeans your office requires auto insurance. Pet grooming service employees may use vehicles as part of their work, and if this is the case, automobile accidents may be a concern. If pet pick-up and delivery services are provided, then employees should receive adequate training to properly secure the pets in order to prevent a hazard to the drivers.

Property Insurance for Pet Grooming Services – Fires could start in these businesses if electrical equipment and wiring is not properly installed or maintained; employees and customers smoke indoors or flammable materials such as aerosols are not properly stored. Valuable materials that have the potential to be lost include signs, equipment, accounts receivable information and important documents. In addition, if your pet grooming service’s property is damaged to the point whereyou can't conduct business, you'll suffer a loss of Pet grooming insuranceincome. Property insurance covers these scenarios.

Crime Insurance for Pet Grooming Services – Embezzlement and theft of money and securities are the major crime risks posed to pet grooming services. Cash registers should be monitored and all incoming checks should immediately be stamped “for deposit only”. Pet grooming services should pre-screen employees with detailed applications and reference checks in order to reduce the risk of employee dishonesty.

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